Fishawack Festival

WE ARE FULL. We are not accepting anymore Vendors.

Assignments have been made and sent to applicants.



Name Tent Requested Space # Region
Albert Smearhov yes 21 & 22 PO Exit
Annex Sports Perform. yes 114 RR Station North
AYR fit yes 115 RR Station North
Bath Fitter Yes 116 RR Station North
Brightest Star School yes 98 RR Station North
Button Girls yes 48 & 49 So Passaic
Center Court yes 120 RR Station North
Charlie Keifrider yes 61-65 So Passaic & Kids
Chat Boro Dem Comm yes 97 RR Station North
Chat Boro Shade Tree yes 107 RR Station North
Chat Twp Hist Society yes 93,94,95 RR Station North
Chatham Sports Shop NO 72 So Passaic
Cleaner's Advantage yes 83 RR Station North
Coldwell Banker NO 73 So Passaic
Country Candles yes 30 PO Exit
Courtney Ort yes 47 So Passaic
Creative Dimen. In Educ NO 55 So Passaic
Culligan Water yes 92 RR Station North
Cutco - Jason Cromley yes 20 PO Exit
Dai Diana yes 26 PO Exit
Debbie Kutner yes 13 PO Entrance
Education First NO 67 So Passaic
Gerardo Chappe NO 79 So Passaic
Glass Works of Art NO 69 & 70 So Passaic
Gutter Helmet yes 108 RR Station North
Hand & Stone yes 84 RR Station North
Hannah Beury NO 56 So Passaic
Head's Above the Rest yes 2 PO Entrance
Hilary Foster yes 6 PO Entrance
HLAA Morris Chap NO 57 So Passaic
Howard Schwartz yes 4 PO Entrance
HSBC yes HSBC Fairmount
Integrity Fencing NO 76 So Passaic
Jabberwocky  NO 71 So Passaic
Jan Coviello yes 119 RR Station North
Joe LaGregor Flats FF yes 31 PO Exit
John Birch Society yes 96 RR Station North
Jojo's Bags & Things yes 12 PO Entrance
Joz Burrell yes 5 PO Entrance
JT Babbitt Foundation yes 86 RR Station North
Judy Linton yes 14 PO Entrance
Kathy Stano yes 25 PO Exit
Keller Williams NO 60 So Passaic
KK's- Kristin Koop yes 23 PO Exit
Learning Laboratory yes 88 RR Station North
Left on Burgess yes 37 PO Exit
Long Hill Chapel yes 110 RR Station North
Long Hill Preschool yes 109 RR Station North
MACC - Catherine Marino no 113 RR Station North
Madison YMCA yes YMCA Fairmount
Marjorie Pupkin NO 74 So Passaic
Maureen Klos yes 33 PO Exit
Mera Painting NO 51 So Passaic
Michael Galant Financial yes 89 RR Station
Michael Maddalena NO 53 & 54 So Passaic
Mid Atlantic Waterproofing yes 100 RR Station North
Momagama yes 105 RR Station North
Monks Home Improve. yes 104 RR Station North
Morris Animal Inn yes 117 RR Station North
MSI yes MSI Fairmount
Mudjestic- Ursula Henke yes 15 PO Entrance
My Favorite Something yes 38 PO Exit
Needa Hazin NO 81 So Passaic
NP Chiropractic yes 121 RR Station North
Opposing the Oil Pipeline NO 77 So Passaic
Parker Publication yes 111 RR Station North
Power Remodeling Group yes 112 RR Station North
Remy's Gems yes 19 PO Exit
Renee Marshall-McKinley yes 34 PO Exit
Renewal by Anderson yes 87 RR Station North
Rob Knott Yes 82 So Passaic
Rodan & Fields - Gillespie yes 35 PO Exit
Second Dibs yes 16 PO Entrance
Secret Garden Soap yes 10 PO Entrance
Set Her Free NO 58 So Passaic
Shahin Abouhossein yes 1 PO Entrance
Starship Pediatric Dent yes 106 RR Station North
Suburban Chiro yes 50 So Passaic
Sum It Up Lacrosse yes 85 RR Station North
Sumthing Different yes 11 PO Entrance
Susan O'Connor NO 59 So Passaic
Sweet Meadows Studio yes 3 PO Entrance
Tanya Stanley yes 118 RR Station North
The Chatham Club NO 80 So Passaic
Town & Country Properties NO 78 So Passaic
Tri State Improvement yes 90 RR Station North
Unleashed Creativity yes 7 PO Entrance
Van Ryzin Designs yes 46 So Passaic
Visual Arts Center of NJ yes 36 PO Exit
Weathered Creations yes 24 PO Exit
Whole Foods yes 99 RR Station North
With Wings yes 32 PO Exit
World Champion TKD yes 91 RR Station North


Agreement for Application to the 2015 Fishawack Festival:

Read the Rules for application page and then fill out both the Application and Hold Harmless release form (available on the Forms page) and return with the appropriate fee. This can be mailed to Chatham Chamber c/o 134 North Hillside Ave, Chatham, NJ 07928. (Any questions can be emailed to

1. You will be assigned your location the week prior to the festival. Space is limited and will be assigned at the discretion of the Committee.

2. You are to provide your own table and whatever materials you need to display your goods.

3. You may begin arriving at your assigned spot by 8:00am.

4. The festival will conclude at 4:00 pm, at which time you are to begin breaking down your display and placing all trash in its appropriate locations. Early Break Downs can NOT bring a vehicle to the spot until 4 pm.

5. No rain date is scheduled and fees are non-refundable.

6. There will be NO SILLY STRING, Snappers or Stink bombs sold at the festival. They create too much litter and disturbances. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING!

6. Fees are:      


Payment received by March 15, 2015 - $90

Payment received after March 16, 2015 - $100

Payment received after June 1, 2015 - $150

(if any availibility remains)

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